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Roxbury/Sullivan, NH – Reconstruction of Route 9

This project reconstructs 2.1 miles of NH Route 9 and replaces the NH Route 9 bridge over Otter Brook. This job will also construct major slope treatments along Route 9 and Bridge Rehabilitation work on the Centre Street Bridge over Otter Brook.

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport – Reconfiguration of TW P & U

This project reconfigures Taxiways ‘P’ and ‘U’ along with the removal of Taxiway ‘A1’. Included in the scope of work is excavation, embankment-in-place, removal of pipes and structures, drainage installation, subbase course construction, basecourse construction, HMA paving, airfield lighting and signage, utility relocations, pavement markings, pavement grooving, and construction of a 14,000 SF retaining wall.

Windham/Derry, NH I-93 Widening/Reconstruction

This project involves widening and reconstructing 8 miles of highway and 4 bridges between Exit 3 and Kendall Pond Road on I-93 in Windham/Derry, NH. This project also includes a soundwall and pedestrian box culvert beneath the interstate.

Haverhill, NH – Mill Street over NH Railroad

Hampton & Hampton Falls, I-95 over the Taylor River

This project involved replacing the existing Red-List bridge over the Taylor River with two 72 foot span bridges along with rehabilitating an existing spillway and fish ladder.

Newington – Dover, NH – Spaulding Turnpike over Little Bay

This project involves rehabilitating and widening of the bridges that carry the Spaulding Turnpike Northbound and Southbound over Little Bay and Wentworth Terrace. The project includes 3.3 million pounds of structural steel and approximately 5,000 cubic yards of concrete.

Concord, NH – NH Route 3A over I-93

This project will replace the existing bridge that carries NH Route 3A over I93 at Exit 12 in Concord, NH. The bridge is currently on the State’s “Red list” due to poor condition of the deck and substructure. The bridge will be single span and able to accommodate future I93 widening. The project also involves ramp and approach reconfiguration as well as drainage improvements.

Windham, NH I93/111 Reconstruction/Relocation

This project involves reconstruction of the I-93 SB mainline, SB Ramps, and NH 111 Relocation at Exit 3 in Windham. Some of the construction elements include:

  • Reconstruction and widening of the I-93 Southbound barrel, beginning approximately 2.20 miles south of Exit 3 and continuing northerly to approximately 1.20 miles north of Exit 3 (total length of approximately 3.5 miles).
  • Construction of the I-93 southbound off-ramp to match to the previously constructed off ramp relocation.
  • Reconstruction of the SB on-ramp (approx. 2,200 1.f.).
  • Construction of NH 111 Relocation which includes over 1 mile of new off line construction.
  • Reconstruction of the Wall Street approach to NH 111.
  • Construction of an approach (connector) from the existing NH 111, to the relocated NH 111 at the Wall Street Intersection.
  • Construction of approximately 1,100 1.f. of sound abatement wall along the I-93 southbound barrel, in the vicinity of May Lane and Jewell Drive.
  • Construction of Water Quality Measures to include five (5) wet extended detention basins, two (2) gravel wetlands, one (1) treatment swale, and three (3) detention excavations.
  • Construction of ITS conduit along the westerly side of the I-93 SB mainline, and along the NH 111 relocation, to support the intended I-93 future ITS infrastructure.
  • The Wall Street and SB ramps traffic signals will be coordinated, and utilize fiber components. The proposed I-93 roadway work includes full reconstruction within majority of the work area and pavement overlay work at the northerly and southerly tie-ins. The proposed NH 111 Relocation work consists of complete off-line reconstruction, pavement rehab work, and interim work.

Nashua, NH – Broad Street Parkway

The Broad Street Parkway Project will connect downtown Nashua to Broad Street just east of the exit 6 interchange of the Route 3/F.E Everett Turnpike. This contract will construct 3500 ft of the proposed parkway, a 500 ft long retaining wall along the Nashua River, and a new bridge on Baldwin Street that will span the railroad and the new Parkway.

Lebanon, NH – US Route 4 Bridge over Mascoma River

This project will replace the structurally deficient bridge carrying US Route 4 over the Mascoma River and the Northern Rail Trail Corridor. This project will also reconfigure the intersection of Route 4 and Route 4A and includes drainage and roadway improvements.

Bow/Concord, NH Bridge Replacement

This bridge replacement project located on Interstate 93 begins approximately 1,100 feet south of the Grandview Road overpass and extends north approximately 1.1 miles to just south of the Exit 12N. The project focuses on replacing the I-93 NB and I-93 SB Red Listed bridges over I-89 and the Turkey River, minor repairs to the Collector Distributor (CD) Road Bridge, resurfacing 1,650 feet of I-93, and reconstructing 4,050 feet of I-93. The project will also include replacing the median guardrail, replacing the existing drainage, work on I-89 to remove and reconstruct the bridges, work on the I-93 SB off ramp to I-89 NB, approach work on the I-93 NB off ramp, and rehabilitation work on the CD Road.

Seabrook, NH Road Widening

This project widened NH 107 from the westerly limits of the I-95 SB On/Off ramps east to the intersection with US 1 to accommodate the addition of two lanes. The NH 107 Bridge over I-95 was widened 29’ on the south side with the curbing, guardrail and fencing replaced on the north side. The existing deck was rehabilitated using full/partial depth deck repairs and include the placement of new pavement and membrane. The existing roadway pavement was replaced and widened to accommodate the additional lanes on the approaches to the bridge. The I-95 NB Off Ramp was widened to three lanes along its approach to NH 107 (dual left turn lanes with a right turn slip ramp). A new traffic signal was placed at the I-95 SB Off intersection with signal alterations at the I-95 NB Off and US 1 intersections (the signals are interconnected). A sidewalk was constructed along NH 107 from Spur Road to the west, terminating just beyond the I-95 SB Off Ramp. .

Hooksett, NH Open Road Toll

This project consists of converting the I-93 mainline cash and EZPass Toll Plaza in the Town of Hooksett to an Open Road Tolling facility. The project includes the widening and rehabilitation of the existing toll plaza, roadway widening and reconstruction, and bridge rehabilitation. More specifically, construction of four toll lanes, islands, booths (two in each direction), extended plaza canopy, demolition of six toll lanes, construction of four Open Road Toll lanes (two in each direction) and installation of full span toll gantry over the Open Road Tolling Lanes. There will also be ramp work and the construction of a new closed drainage system and three permanent storm water treatment basins. Bridge work includes deck replacement, deck rehabilitation and/or bridge rail replacement improvements along the I-93 bridges over Hackett Hill Road, Ramp A-B, and Cross Road. Gated ramps will be constructed at the southerly and northerly limits of the project providing maintenance and emergency access to/from I-93 at Cross Road and Pine Street.

Greenland, NH Bridge Rehabilitation

This project involves replacing the bridge deck and other repairs to the Ocean Road Bridge over I-95 in Greenland, NH.

North Beach Seawall Repairs, Hampton NH

North Beach Seawall Repairs, Hampton NH

This project involved the partial demolition and concrete repairs to 16 seawall sections at North Beach as well as roadway and sidewalk reconstruction.


Spaulding Turnpike Rochester, NH

Spaulding Turnpike Rochester, NH

Completed 11 months ahead of schedule, this project involved the reconstruction and widening of the northbound and southbound barrels of the Spaulding Turnpike (NH Route 16) in Rochester, NH. It also involved the removal, replacement, and widening of the existing bridge superstructure carrying the Spaulding Turnpike over Chestnut Hill Connector Road.

NH Route 111 Bypass Windham/Salem, NH

NH Route 111 Bypass Windham/Salem, NH

This project extended from Exit 3 off I-93 northbound in Windham to the intersection with Zachary's Crossing in Salem. The bypass was constructed to the north of the existing Route 111, crossing Route 28 approximately one-half mile above the existing intersection, and passed north of Shadow Lake. The new road alleviated much of the traffic congestion in the area, improved safety and reduced delays.

Double Decker Steel Truss Bridge Pembroke – Allenstown, NH

Double Decker Steel Truss Bridge Pembroke-Allenstown, NH

Despite major flood events and utility delays this project was completed 10 months early and involved the construction of a double decker steel truss bridge. This unique project connected Pembroke and Allenstown across the Suncook River. The top deck carries Route 3 while the bottom deck carries a Town road.


Amtrak Downeaster Train Stations

Amtrak Downeaster Train Stations

R.S. Audley, Inc. has constructed all three Amtrak commuter rail stations in New Hampshire.



Cross Street Bridge over I-93

Cross Street Bridge over I-93

This project involved bridge and roadway rehabilitation on Cross Street in Salem, NH. The longer replacement bridge was constructed in order to accommodate future widening of I-93.


Bedford, Route 101/Route 3/I293 Interchange

Bedford, Route 101/Route 3/I293 Interchange

This project reconstructed the interchange of Route 101 and I-293 in Bedford, NH and involved substantial roadway and bridge construction along with drainage and utilities.


Manchester Airport Access Road

Manchester Airport Access Road

R.S. Audley, Inc. completed three of the eight construction contracts under the Manchester Airport Access Road Project (MAAR). The MAAR connects the airport and the entire Southern New Hampshire region. The project links the F.E. Everett Turnpike and Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. It travels from the airport through Londonderry, into Manchester, across the Merrimack River, and enters Bedford right at the Merrimack town line. A historical event, the opening of the Airport Access Road took place on November 10, 2011, paving the way to more than 1,000 acres of commercial and industrial land just south of the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.